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creating integral client relationships is my number one priority IN REAL ESTATE.

For almost twelve years, Wayne Woods has been making homeowners' dreams a reality through his real estate business. Relationships are his top priority and sharing his passion for homes has created long-lasting client friendships that he has come to treasure. It all started back in 2006 when Wayne was working as a project manager for a custom home builder after graduating from college. As he tells it, “I've always had a knack for real estate dating as far back as I can remember.”

Growing up in Dayton, Ohio Wayne knew early on that design, architecture and the experience of walking into a home for the first time was captivating and inspiring. He took that motivation and did everything he could to pursue his dreams of working in the real estate industry he loved and using it to help others fulfill that longing for a sense of home and a place to call their own.

After graduating from Ohio State University, a journey out West called Wayne's name. So he packed his bags and headed for the great state of Arizona. It's there that he purchased his first piece of property eight years ago. It's where he met and married his lovely wife, Lisa and they started a family.

What sets a business apart in this day and age is a dedication to interacting on a personal level with those whom we are engaging in a working relationship. That feeling of personal engagement and responsibility is how Wayne Woods exceeds expectations with each client he encounters on a daily basis.

This unique gift of putting clients first helps not only his clients achieve their real goals whether that is buying or selling a home or creating confidence through investing in the real estate market, but also allows him to create a sustainable and long-term dialogue with each home buyer and seller he works with.

“My passion for real estate comes from a feeling I get when I walk into a home for the first time. To be inspired by the design, architecture, build quality ... the experience of being in that space. I get that same passionate feeling when I'm able to help people whether they're buying or selling. I can see it when their eyes light up – that they've found their piece of heaven – and I'm able to help them transition from one chapter in their life to the next.”

The level of dedication he applies to every transaction then transitions into exceptional results for clients. Unceasing care and devotion to real estate allows him to stay one step ahead in an ever-changing market to ensure each client feels they are knowledgeable about the real estate transaction from beginning to end.

Wayne firmly believes communication and teamwork are vital to a positive real estate experience. Through his interactions in the community and love of design, Wayne assists clients with finding their dream home and creating a life they are passionate about living. Now back in the great state of Ohio, Wayne looks to continue serving the community he grew up in through his love of architecture, real estate and and helping others find their own dream homes.






Wayne along with his wife, Lisa and young daughter, Amelia live and work in the Columbus area. Lisa is an interior designer, and together their love for architecture and design runs deep.  They frequently travel to experience new cultures and ways of life. Moreover, through their travels, they have gained inspiration for the projects they have designed around the Phoenix, Arizona area and now Columbus, Ohio and its surrounding up-and-coming neighborhoods adding to the already vibrant community and spirit.

“Finding a home that is ideally suited to a family's needs is of the utmost importance and why clients work with me time and time again. Putting families first in the real estate process is what leads to my ability to create sales and close out home purchases in an efficient and highly profitable manner for clients. With a young family of my own, I work tirelessly to help other families achieve their dreams of home-ownership.”

Armed with a passion for helping others and a dedication to creating a thriving and sustainable community in the Phoenix area, Wayne's philosophy has always been to practice passion, integrity, authenticity, and commitment in his interaction with clients and the relationships that result from it.





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